Unlicensed activity is destroying our industry

If you are not part of the problem then become part of the solution

If we work together we can make a difference and bring integrity back to our industry








RE: Unlicensed Contracting


Dear Fellow Contractor,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and the company I have started to help us all earn a decent living in Miami Dade County, free of the rampant Unlicensed activity we are currently faced with.

I am the Operations Manager of a large Air Conditioning service company and founder of the Miami Dade Contractors Alliance, Inc.

I have started Miami Dade Contractors Alliance as a non-profit organization to bring us all together for a common cause. I intend to eradicate the aloof attitude of those in an authoritative role. I will not rest until they are so tired of hearing from US that it is second nature for them to enforce and adhere to the rules.  


While there are numerous angles to approach the issue from I have selected the lowest hanging fruit and intend to force the issue on a daily basis. Below is the strategy I plan to implement to make a difference and I need your help to make it work.


Actions we will take:


  • - Hire private investigators to photograph and document rampant unlicensed activity
  • - Prepare and submit complaints to the Cities, County and State
  • - Lobby local elected and appointed officials regarding the problem
  • - Follow up on the resolution of filed complaints
  • - Stay in contact with all members of our organization with filed complaints and outcomes
  • - Sounding board for complaints – our organization can also handle any and all complaints of members


Tools we will use:


  • - The State of Florida has statutes on the books to enforce any and all contracting as related to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation particularly Statute 489.127, which clearly states that even representing yourself as a licensed contractor is a crime punishable by fines and jail time depending on the number of violations


  • - Code Enforcement Departments are funded by our dollars as Licensed or Registered Contractors. Each time we pay a municipality to work in their area, pull a permit or renew our license a portion of those funds goes to the Code Enforcement Division yet we are not getting anything for our investment. In my opinion if they are not going to provide us the service we are paying for then we should not be required to pay for it.


If you are interested in playing a role in cleaning up our market I’d love to discuss with you what we can do to make a difference. Please contact me at info@miamidadecontractorsalliance.com.

Thank you